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Scientific Process Solutions (SPS) offers pipeline contaminant measurement, monitoring, analysis and consulting services.

On-Site testing performed by graduate engineers trained to provide process related consulting and support.

Qualification of fuel gas for turbine and other critical service applications.

Contaminant qualification prior to equipment specification.

Filtration and separation equipment performance qualification and troubleshooting.

Plant optimization.

Serving the natural gas transmission and processing, chemical processing, refining, and power generation industries.

Services offered globally.
  • Natural Gas Fired Power Plant Fuel Gas Qualifications
  • Natural Gas Processing Plants
  • Natural Gas Dehydration Plants
  • Gas and Liquid Pipelines
  • Compressor Stations
  • Refinery Gas, Liquid, and Liquid/Liquid Systems
  • Filtration and Separation Equipment Performance Analysis
  • Filtration and Separation Equipment Feasibility and Design Selection
  • Positive Preventative Protection
NCMS Certified

ISNetworld Registered

H2S Certified

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